Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Rugby A 1-4 Littlethorpe A

A fine start to the new Coventry League season saw the A team win 4-1.  Not that it was really as easy as the scoreline suggests.  We were soon 1-0 up when Sean's opponent missed an intermezzo and lost, then Brandon's opponent got a draw by repetition in a R+P ending.  This left Alan Byron with a tight game, Dave Bray with a slight advantage and Pete Harrison a pawn down for very little.
Alan agreed a draw, Pete's opponent blundered a piece and Dave won with a very nice mating net.  Well done all!
Rugby A Littlethorpe A
1 J Naylor ½-½ Alan Byron
2 R Wildig ½-½ Brandon Clarke
3 M Wilson 0-1 Sean Hewitt
4 J Cox 0-1 Dave Bray
5 N Kadowala 0-1 Pete Harrison

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