Friday 23 October 2009

HA2 Victorious at Hinckley

Dave attacked like crazy and was rewarded with a swift victory. John was offered a draw and accepted. Ray outplayed his opponent. I messed up royally and lost to Terry Clay on time - though my position was awful anyway. Howard Philips was literally jumping up and down trying to make my flag fall.

Afterwards, Howard told both sides how useless they all were.

Scores on the doors were:

B Bailey (116) Draw John Manger (134)
T Clay (99) 1-0 Colin Ross (112)
J Smith (85) 0-1 Dave Ricketts (104)
D Chizra (80) 0-1 Ray Beach (90)

Hinckley (2) 1.5-2.5 Heathcote Arms (2)

Our first victory of the season.

A break for half term now. We have a League Cup match away against Wigston on Thursday 29th October, and our next League match is at home against Syston 3 on Tuesday November 3rd.

Well done everyone,


Wednesday 14 October 2009

Shaky Start to Season for Heathcote Arms 2

For once we had the grade advantage. Fat lot of good it did us.
John dropped a piece early on. Ray drew. Dave lost and was rather angry with himself.
From a winning position, i managed to throw the advantage away, but my opponent agreed a draw about 5 seconds before my flag dropped.

Heathcote Arms (2) Vs Braunstone (4)
John Manger (134) 0 -1 Paul Martin (97)
Colin Ross (112) Drawn Steve Barlow (96)
Dave Ricketts (104) 0-1 Guy Closs (95)
Ray Beach (90) Drawn John Impey (90)
Score 1-3

Next match for HA2 is on Thursday 15th away against Hinckley.

Well done everyone.


Friday 2 October 2009

Near Miss at Home Against Syston

The last round of the Harrod Cup had us at home against Syston. Everybody won a game except the home Captain. Shame on him!

Heathcote Arms Vs Syston
John Manger (139) 1,0 Vs J Leonard (121) 1,0
Colin Ross (90) 0,0 Vs Stuart Hollingworth (116) 1,1
Dave Ricketts (90) 1,0 Vs R Stone (100) 1,0
Ray Beach (74) 0,1 Vs R King (100) 0,1

3 Points Vs 5 Points

Ray played especially well and was unfortunate not to take both points.
Well done everyone.

Atkins Congress this weekend.