Saturday 30 April 2011

First Round of the County Champs

Hi All,

Tuesday night at the Arms was a quiet affair. The latest club night mini simul saw me taking on Rob and Ray, winning the against the former and losing to the latter.

Thursday night saw the first round of the County Championship Championship. Graham S won with the black pieces; Sean, also playing black lost to Alan Byron; Rajan lost with the white pieces to Martin Burrows; and Graham B was given a one point bye.

There will not be a club night this coming Tuesday as the lower sections of the County Championships begin at Wigston on Thursday.

The George Winterton Pairs competition looks set to take place on Tuesday 10th May with 4 members of the Red Admiral having confirmed so far.


Wednesday 20 April 2011

HA2 - Postponed Match Against Syston 2

HA2 played it's last match last night. This was a postponed match from earlier in the season and whilst we played at Syston, it was actually a home match for us. There was some confusion at the start when Rob went to the Heathcote Arms - making it to Syston, in the end, by five to eight. Management at the Syston venue were not expecting any chess on the night and did not have any spare rooms, so we squeezed into the bar next to the football club's AGM. It was noisy enough that nobody could really object when Ray's mobile rang.

The first result was a win for me with the black pieces. The adrenalin rush of racing to Syston did Rob no harm at all as he took the whole point from Rob Stone. Ray also managed a win. With a won match, John had the better game against Stuart Hollingworth, but with a lot of locked up pawns, the position became a draw.

Our winning the match meant that Syston 2 are relegated from Division 4.

19 AprHeathcote Arms 2vSyston 2
3½ - ½
1B139Ensor, Rob1 - 0Stone, Robert116
2W122Manger, John½ - ½Hollingworth, Stuart107
3B102Ross, Colin1 - 0Gist, Elizabeth109
4W90Beach, Ray1 - 0King, Ron97

Well done everyone,

It is absolutely certain that there will be a club night next Tuesday.


Monday 18 April 2011

HA2 Promoted.

On Thursday, HA2 managed a draw away at Kirby.

14 AprKirby Muxloe 1vHeathcote Arms 2
2 - 2
1B135Gray, Paul1 - 0Harrison, Peter138
2W125Cowley, Jim0 - 1Ensor, Rob139
3B124Townsend, Ray0 - 1Manger, John122
4W115Walker, John1 - 0Beach, Ray90

Whatever happens now, HA2 finish second in Division 4 with a promotion place should they choose.
There is still a postponed match to play, however, at Syston on Tuesday 19th April.

A club night this Tueday is now less likely, as some of us will be away, but still possible.

Over the summer
Our AGM will be due soon. Date to be announced.
The George Winterton Pairs Competition against the Red Admiral looks likely to go ahead on Tuesday 10th May. This is a good laugh and we will put some food on.
Sean has announced the dates of the County Champs.
We have entered one team in the Wylie Cup (to be defended by HA1), one team in the Harrod Cup (Captained by Haka Dave) and two teams in the Chapman Cup, Captained by Pete and myself (HA2 + Mike C, and HA3).
We might also have time for a club championship.

Well done everyone.


Thursday 14 April 2011

Last League Matches of the Season for HA1 and HA3

HA1 needed an upset to avoid relegation. Graham B assures us that relegation is now certain unless one of the second division teams refuses promotion.

12 AprHeathcote Arms 1vWigston 1
1 - 4
1B192Sharpe, Graham0 - 1Byron, Alan197
2W168Bray, Dave0 - 1Burrows, Martin190
3B167Ganger, Rajan0 - 1Morley, Andrew178
4W156Hewitt, Sean½ - ½Ward, Alan162
5B156Cowley, Michael½ - ½Dodds, Iain157

On Wednesday, at Oadby, HA3 played their socks off. Heavily outgraded, Michael was a pawn up going into the endgame and looked like taking his second win in a row.
Gary opened well and was, at one point, close to mating his opponent.
Drew held his own and at one point had a better position than his 125 opponent.
Drew, Gary, and Michael have all improved markedly of late.
I was the last to finish. I was able to get a knight for two pawns, and then put lots of pieces close to a relatively unprotected king, eventually forcing mate.

13 AprOadby 1vHeathcote Arms 3
3 - 1
1B136Candlin, Don0 - 1Ross, Colin102
2W125Pettitt, David1 - 0Bubb, Andrew80
3B98Williams, Ted1 - 0Sanders, Gary80
4W72Gutteridge, John1 - 0Bubb, Michael60

Well done everyone.

HA2 face Kirby Castlers 1 away tonight - good luck.


Wednesday 6 April 2011

Club Night

Tuesday night's action consisted of two simultaneous displays. In the first, Rob slaughtered us all 4-0, and in the second, Ray scored a creditable two wins and two losses.