Wednesday 14 January 2015

HA2 Almost Win, but then Don't, at Braunsone 1.

Ben Vaughan (he of Wigston) reckons that I only write blogs these days when I have something to brag about...
This is utter nonsense, of course.

HA2 were playing away against Braunstone 1.Gordon and Ben showed up to support.

First, Ray lost to Mike Salisbury; then, against Richard Hanscombe, I managed my best ever win; Pete then beat John Robinson. Things were looking promising at this point, but then Mike's position, on board 1, collapsed against Paul Colburn. The match now rested on board 5 where Bill Roberts and Jez Wells were absolutely equal. Jez had, earlier, looked around the boards a couple of times and we think might have been considering a draw offer. It all went wrong for Bill under time pressure, however, in what had been a very close fight.  Pete said after the match that he had half been expecting a 5-0 defeat.

13 JanBraunstone 1vHeathcote Arms 2
3 - 2
1B179Colburn, Paul1 - 0Cowley, Michael169
2W172Robinson, John0 - 1Harrison, Peter138
3B165Hanscombe, Richard0 - 1Ross, Colin108
4W153Salisbury, Michael1 - 0Beach, Ray93
5B140Wells, Jeremy1 - 0Roberts, Bill80


Sunday 11 January 2015

Wigston 3 (1-4) Heathcote Arms 2

Following fast on the heels of Tuesday's HA1 defeat of Wigston 2, HA2 managed a 4-1 win against Wigston 3 on Thursday:

08 JanWigston 3vHeathcote Arms 2
1 - 4
1B139Wylie, Stephen½ - ½Cowley, Michael169
2W143Pike, Andrew½ - ½Booley, Graham160
3B132Sim, George0 - 1Harrison, Peter138
4W131Chalashkanov, Nikola0 - 1Manger, John132
5B124Beasley, Neil0 - 1Ross, Colin108

Here was my game against Neil Beasley: