Saturday 2 April 2016

End of the 2016 season

Heathcote 3 has had a good year thanks to our enthusiastic players and our team captain Ray. We have one game to play against Melton 4, the last game of the season for us. Our last game was against Kirby 4, we played 6 boards and managed to win 4 - 2.

A little bit of humour: We played a game against Syston on 8 March 2016, I was playing board 4 against Rob Mundy. We were tucked away in the corner of the dining room at the Heathcote Arms when suddenly water came pouring from the ceiling above fortunately it missed the board and the two of us. It brought all games to a halt with humorous remarks until we moved positions and play resumed as normal. Apparently Tuesday night is bath night.