Friday 27 June 2008

League Rule Changes

The league management committee have decided to change the following rules for the 2008/9 season

· All games in all divisions will be play to a finish UNLESS both players agree to play to adjudication at the start of the game

· The playing session will be 3 hours unless the home club is unable to accomodate such a session in which case they can elect 2 hours 40 mins sessions for their home matches instead. Teams with a junior can also invoke the shorter time control.

· The requirement to play in order of strength has been abolished

· As a consequence the 10 point grading rule has been amended to 5 points, using the new ECF grading system (to be published July 2008)

Any thoughts??

Thursday 12 June 2008


There will be another club quickplay (5 rounds, 15 mins per player for all moves) on Tuesday 8th July - 7.30pm start. Entries (in advance only) by email to Sean Hewitt please.


The AGM will take place at The Plough at 7.30pm on Monday 30th June 2008.

Wednesday 4 June 2008

Wigston 1 bite the dust

Well we have at least got one result in our favour against Wigston (for the moment !)
Although your erstwhile captain attempted to scupper this , choosing the losing option as opposed to a draw against Phil Harlow . Draws followed for Sean & Dave which left young Brandon having to beat Martin Burrows (59 ! grading points to the good) . But we don't know how much potential the boy possesses ! He was a pawn to the good and came and asked me the score and the match position . I duly informed him what was req'd , only a win would see us through. I think a draw was on his mind , but he smiled sat down again, won another pawn and then another !! Martin wouldn't give in but ............. So well done Brandon a very notable scalp !

Thanks to everyone who played in what could have potentially been awkward

A very pleased captain !

Wylie Cup Victory

An extremely close, well contested match with Braunstone, in which neither side led by more than a point ended in victory for Littlethorpe when Steve Wylie won the final game of the match. It was 2-2 at half time after

Sharpe, Graham 1-0 Colburn, Paul
Hewitt, Sean 0-1 Bingham, Jim
Wylie, Steve 0-1 Hogan, Pat
Harrison, Peter 1-0 Sandrovitch, David

And the second half finished

Sharpe, Graham 0-1 Colburn, Paul
Hewitt, Sean 1-0 Bingham, Jim
Wylie, Steve 1-0 Hogan, Pat
Harrison, Peter Draw Sandrovitch, David