Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Wigston 1 bite the dust

Well we have at least got one result in our favour against Wigston (for the moment !)
Although your erstwhile captain attempted to scupper this , choosing the losing option as opposed to a draw against Phil Harlow . Draws followed for Sean & Dave which left young Brandon having to beat Martin Burrows (59 ! grading points to the good) . But we don't know how much potential the boy possesses ! He was a pawn to the good and came and asked me the score and the match position . I duly informed him what was req'd , only a win would see us through. I think a draw was on his mind , but he smiled sat down again, won another pawn and then another !! Martin wouldn't give in but ............. So well done Brandon a very notable scalp !

Thanks to everyone who played in what could have potentially been awkward

A very pleased captain !

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