Thursday 27 May 2010

2010 Harrod Cup 1st Round

Haka Dave was away on Tuesday, so i captained our side in the first round of the Harrod Cup. Welcome to Michael who played his first competetive games for the club this evening. In the first round, we all played with the white pieces. Michael lost in the first round to Mick Adams (not that Mick Adams).  Rob and Ray both managed draws. I fended off an attack from Bob Collins and went a knight up, but with serious time trouble offered a draw which was accepted.

In the second round, i lost very quickly to a queenside attack playing black in a Nimzo-Indian.
Michael lost with the black pieces.

Ray appeared to be in an impossible position with only his king and a single horse against rook and four pawns (one pawn on either wing and two doubled but central pawns). Mick Busby stared on helplessly as somehow, the lone ranger was able to skip around the board taking all four pawns and, by taking the last one, depositing his knight between the rook and his king. Confused as to what had just happened (as was everyone else), Mick offered a draw and Ray accepted. Ray is now giving up chess in favour of showjumping.

As he often does, Rob fought an excellent endgame, this time with bishops and rooks. By manouevering John's king back out of the way and bringing his own forwards, Rob was able to get to the base of John's pawn chain and threatened to go three pawns up.

For interest, the Scrappy Valley players long play grades were:
JP 166, BC 143, MB 120, and MA 118

The final score was Heathcote Arms (3-5) Scraptoft Valley

Well done everyone.

On Tuesday, next week, the first team play at home in the Wylie Cup, but there probably will not be much casual chess, that night, as some of us second team folks will be playing in the first round of the County Championships at Wigston, on Thursday:

Dennis Wilkins (109) Vs Ray Beach (90)
Dave Ricketts (104) Vs Alan Butler (92)
John Daniel (130) Vs Colin Ross (112)
Rob Ensor (NG) Vs David Reynolds (128)

Details of the County Champs can be found on Sean's website at:


Wednesday 19 May 2010

Club Night Goes From Strength to Strength

Yet another good turnout this Tuesday meant that we were using four boards at the same time.
Ray, Dave, Rob, Pete H, Michael, Andrew and myself were all there. Then Pete Arland who is back in Leicester for a while dropped in for a few games. The result of the night was a win for Ray against Peter the President.

Next Tuesday sees us play at home, in the Harrod Cup, against Scraptoft Valley. Anybody who fancies coming down for a casual game should be in luck.


Wednesday 12 May 2010

Summer Competitions Update

County Champs
Four divisions. These begin in the week commencing 24th May. Entries to Sean - close 14th May.

Harrod Cup
Rapidplay. 5-Round Swiss. HA2 will play at home against Scraptoft Valley on Tuesday 25th May
Captain: Dave Ricketts.

Wylie Cup
Rapidplay for stronger sides. 5-Round Swiss. HA1 will play at home against Wigston.
Captain: Graham Booley

Chapman Cup / Birstall Cup
Longplay. Knockout competition with handicap element. Losers from the early rounds of the Chapman Cup enter the Birstall Cup. HA1 will play away against Shepshed. HA2 gets a bye.
HA1 Captain: Graham Booley. HA2 Captain: Colin Ross

All cup matches are to be played by 4th June at the latest.

I have been named as contact person for all the cup matches, but will pass on any correspondence to the Captains as soon as i receive it.


Wednesday 5 May 2010

Final League Tables

Here we have the final Division 5 table of the season. The yellow stripe indicating Heathcote Arms 2 as champions. In the end, the Red Admiral only narrowly missed out on promotion, with Melton drawing their match against Syston, and then losing 0.5 - 3.5 against Hinckley.

Heathcote Arms 1 achieved a comfortable second place in the First Division ahead of Melton and Wigston 2.

Well done everyone,


Leicestershire County Championships 2010

Sean has published details of this year's County Champs:

The event will again be a 6 round swiss, with four county championship titles at stake:

Championship this is FIDE rated and open to all players. A British Chamionship place is available to the winner.
Challengers this is open to players graded below 160
Major Open to players graded below 140
Minor Open to players graded below 120
Players may choose to play in 1 or 2 sections.

Matches will be played at Wigston Chess Club and matches will be spaced 3-4 weeks apart throughout the summer and players will have the ability to change dates / venues as previously to give maximum flexibility.
Entry is free of charge.

Entries to Sean by email ( by Friday 14th May 2010. The first round will be in the week commencing Monday 24th May 2010. Any queries to Sean on 07883 49 57 58
Draws for the summer cups will be made at the end of this week and i will publish details as soon as they are available. Dave will Captain our HA2 Harrod Cup team and i will Captain our HA2 Chapman Cup team. Graham B is organising the Summer Cup teams for HA1.

On Tuesday, we had the best turnout for a club night in a long time. Pete, Mike, Dave, Rob, Ray, Michael (our new player) and myself were all there. There will be a Club night again next Tuesday.

See you there,