Sunday 25 September 2016

Congratulations COLIN well played  hope your form keeps up for the new season 😀

Friday 23 September 2016

Colin CCs (Minor) Games 2016 - Play Off

This was a 40 minute game with a 10 second per move increment from the start. This was way too much stress for the both of us. Thank you to Ben for recording the final moves.

Colin CCs (Minor) Games 2016 - Fifth Round

John McKiernan - already on 4 out of 4. Me with 3 out of 4. John has won this competition before.

Colin CCs (Minor) Games 2016 - Fourth Round

Colin's CC (Minor) Games 2016 - Third Round

Colin's CC (Minor) Games 2016 - Second Round

In round 2, it all went a bit wrong against Andy Carter. There were at least 61 moves, but my notation leads a bit to be desired and it stopped making sense at around 27 moves in. The writing looked to be on the wall by then, however.

Colin's CC (Minor) Games 2016 - First Round.

I seem to have hit a rare run of form over the summer. Here was my first round Minor game against Charles Eastlake. At 119, Charles looked to be the strongest in the competition. In our previous game, in March 2016, I had resigned after 18 moves.