Saturday 28 March 2009

Littlethorpe D Still At The Top Of The Table After 4 Rounds

Littlethorpe D played away against Loughbrough on Thursday. With Aaron and Herve not available, we went for a change in strategy and brought in some muscle on the top two boards:

Yannis Karsisiotis on board 1, and Dick Salter on board 2, left myself and Ray further down the board order. Loughbrough had played two 140s on the top two boards in the first three rounds so this seemed to make sense - we were going for a win rather than a bonus and the chance of an upset. On the night, however, Loughbrough played a weaker side and they actually ended up with a one point bonus due to grade difference.
We played white on the odd boards.

First, Ray won on board 4 with the black pieces. Dick won convincingly despite his opponent slamming pieces down and distracting a number of people in the room. Yannis agreed a draw and later declared that if he had been playing his opponent's position he would have won. The match came down to my game. I was in a decent position, but in serious time trouble:

Black had just played 47...Nf6+

From here i played 48 Rxf6+ and Fritz gave me a touche! Black then played 48... Kxf6, and my flag dropped. 49 e7 would then have won for me (49 e7 Bd6 50 e8Q Kxg6 51 Re6+ Kg7 52. Rxd6 Rxf7 53 Qe5+ Kh7 54 Qh5+ Kg8 55 Qg6+ Kf8 56 Rd8+ Ke7 57 Qd6#). Sorry, everyone.

Results were:

Loughbrough B Vs Littlethorpe D

G Adcock (139) Draw Yannis Karsisiotis (154)

B Osigho (125) 0-1 Dick Salter (132)

M Fraser (100) 1-0 Colin Ross (100)

M Adcock (80) 0-1 Ray Beach (99)

Bonus 1-0

Match Result 2.5-2.5 A Draw

At the time of writing, not all the results have been posted for this round - but, with one round to go, we are in the lead on 7 points, and Loughbrough B and Wigston B are both on 6 points. Hinckley may (or may not) also be on 6 points.

Well done everyone.

The next Littlethorpe 5 match is on Thursday 23rd April away against Ashby 3.


Wednesday 25 March 2009

Syston 2 (2-2) Littlethorpe 5

On Tuesday, we scored our third consecutive draw.

Fresh from a weekend of 4NCL games (and 7.5 hours of defending), Dave was in the mood for attack. This resulted in an early win. Ray then won against John Creasey, I lost against Stuart Hollingworth, and Alan lost out to Ron King in the endgame.

Liz Gist 121 (0-1) Dave Ricketts 100
Stuart Hollingworth 116 (1-0) Colin Ross 100
John Creasey 111 (0-1) Ray Beach 99
Ron King 105 (1-0) Alan Goodwin

Outgraded on every board again - this was a decent team result and good wins for both Dave and Ray. Well done everyone.

This Thursday, as Littlethorpe D, we will be playing away at Loughbrough in the fourth round of the D34 Cup with everything (the Cup) to play for.


Thursday 12 March 2009

Littlethorpe 5 (2-2) Braunstone 4

On Tuesday, at home against Braunstone, we scored another draw.
John Impey wasn't well - so Braunstone defaulted a board.
I lost after an attack went hideously wrong. Herve lost too. Aaron managed a nice win against Guy Closs.
The results were:

Littlethorpe 5 (2-2) Braunstone 4
Colin Ross (100) 0 - 1 Jeff Toon (127)
Aaron Engels (82) 1- 0 Guy Closs (107)
Herve Tribouilloy (62) 0 - 1 Paul Martin (105)
Dave Ricketts (100) 1 - 0 Default

Well done Aaron and Dave.


Friday 6 March 2009

Ashby 4 (2-2) Littlethorpe 5

Ashby 4 played a stronger team than last time we met. As the only team below us in the fourth division, it was important that we did not lose. We played our left handed players on the odd numbered boards - a strategy that resulted in a draw.

Ashby 4 (2-2) Littlethorpe 5
Richard Williams (111) 1 - 0 Dave Ricketts (100)
Peter Page (110) 0-1 Colin Ross (100)
Neil Roberts (97) 0-1 Ray Beach (99)
Matthew Storer (80) 1-0 Herve Tribouilloy (62)

Well done everyone.

On Tuesday 10th March we play at home against Braunstone 4 - we drew with them last time.


oops - Herve is left handed too