Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Syston 2 (2-2) Littlethorpe 5

On Tuesday, we scored our third consecutive draw.

Fresh from a weekend of 4NCL games (and 7.5 hours of defending), Dave was in the mood for attack. This resulted in an early win. Ray then won against John Creasey, I lost against Stuart Hollingworth, and Alan lost out to Ron King in the endgame.

Liz Gist 121 (0-1) Dave Ricketts 100
Stuart Hollingworth 116 (1-0) Colin Ross 100
John Creasey 111 (0-1) Ray Beach 99
Ron King 105 (1-0) Alan Goodwin

Outgraded on every board again - this was a decent team result and good wins for both Dave and Ray. Well done everyone.

This Thursday, as Littlethorpe D, we will be playing away at Loughbrough in the fourth round of the D34 Cup with everything (the Cup) to play for.


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Dave Ricketts said...

This was a very good performance by the fifth team, as in the previous week the fourth team went to Syston and played their 1st Team and managed one draw between us. In the two matches Boards 2 & 3 for Syston were identical and 1 & 4 were similarly graded for each Syston side.