Sunday 27 November 2016

Ashby 5 (1-4) HA3

24 NovAshby 5vHeathcote Arms 3
1B94Williams, Richard01Manger, John144
2W80Wood, Brian01Ross, Colin96
3B76Roberts, Neil10Beach, Ray81
4W70Hart, Jake01Harbidge, Drew88
5B64Nicholson, Brian01Roberts, Bill76

I did not really get to see anyone else's games. My win against Brian Wood was a struggle.

Another good team result.

Well done everyone.


Oadby (1.5-2.5) HA3

17 NovOadbyvHeathcote Arms 3
1B125Pettitt, David01Manger, John144
2W124Candlin, Don01Ross, Colin96
3B117Thornton, Mike½½Beach, Ray81
4W50Gutteridge, John10Milner, Gordon38

This was a really good result for us:

Gordon finished early.

Ray was material up, but drew against Mike Thornton with this as the final position.

Don Candlin had me nailed to a cross, but let then me off.

John ground out a win.

Well done everyone.


Thursday 3 November 2016

Red Admiral (2-2) HA3

HA3 draw away at Red Admiral.

26 OctRed AdmiralvHeathcote Arms 3
1B101Carter, Andy10Maconnachie, Richard93
2W96Slater, Mick10Harbidge, Drew88
3B89Matts, Stephen01Roberts, Bill76
4W87Parsons, Stan01Milner, Gordon38

Here is Gordon's win against Stan the main man Parsons.

Well done everyone,


Thursday 13 October 2016

University of Leicester 2 (2-2) HA2

We scraped a draw.

The caretakers at the University are very assertive.

Sorry Ray, I could not make out all of your moves. Here is the copy of your notes:

12 OctLeicester University 2vHeathcote Arms 2
1B155Albertelli, Christian10Cowley, Michael153
2W133Van Hoof, Alex01Manger, John144
3B132Lyon, Alexander01Ross, Colin96
4W118Wilson-Hebben, Eddie10Beach, Ray81

Well done everyone.


Friday 7 October 2016

HA3 (½ – 3½ ) Braunstone 5

We should post things on here more often.

HA3's first match of the new season. Ray was away. Gordon captained. We were in the Skittle Alley for the first time in ages and we had to have the fire on. We played with the new boards and pieces - very nice.

A time-troubled John Oliver let me off with a draw. Bill was last to finish. Not a great score for us, but our opponents had bigger guns. There are still another 15 matches this season for us to win.

If anyone would like one of their games posting let me have the moves and I will put it on here.

04 OctHeathcote Arms 3vBraunstone 5
1B96Ross, Colin½½Oliver, John105
2W88Harbidge, Drew01Read, Barry101
3B76Roberts, Bill01Hall, Nick100
4W38Milner, Gordon01Martin, Paul87

Well done everyone.


Sunday 25 September 2016

Congratulations COLIN well played  hope your form keeps up for the new season 😀

Friday 23 September 2016

Colin CCs (Minor) Games 2016 - Play Off

This was a 40 minute game with a 10 second per move increment from the start. This was way too much stress for the both of us. Thank you to Ben for recording the final moves.

Colin CCs (Minor) Games 2016 - Fifth Round

John McKiernan - already on 4 out of 4. Me with 3 out of 4. John has won this competition before.

Colin CCs (Minor) Games 2016 - Fourth Round

Colin's CC (Minor) Games 2016 - Third Round

Colin's CC (Minor) Games 2016 - Second Round

In round 2, it all went a bit wrong against Andy Carter. There were at least 61 moves, but my notation leads a bit to be desired and it stopped making sense at around 27 moves in. The writing looked to be on the wall by then, however.

Colin's CC (Minor) Games 2016 - First Round.

I seem to have hit a rare run of form over the summer. Here was my first round Minor game against Charles Eastlake. At 119, Charles looked to be the strongest in the competition. In our previous game, in March 2016, I had resigned after 18 moves.

Saturday 2 April 2016

End of the 2016 season

Heathcote 3 has had a good year thanks to our enthusiastic players and our team captain Ray. We have one game to play against Melton 4, the last game of the season for us. Our last game was against Kirby 4, we played 6 boards and managed to win 4 - 2.

A little bit of humour: We played a game against Syston on 8 March 2016, I was playing board 4 against Rob Mundy. We were tucked away in the corner of the dining room at the Heathcote Arms when suddenly water came pouring from the ceiling above fortunately it missed the board and the two of us. It brought all games to a halt with humorous remarks until we moved positions and play resumed as normal. Apparently Tuesday night is bath night.