Sunday 24 November 2013

HA3 Vs Red Admiral 2

Things looked to be quite promising when Peter Barabas did not appear.
Ray and Mick were first to finish with Ray losing out. Drew versus Ben were next - this was very sharp stuff and could have gone either way. Graham U versus Stan was also very close, with Stan taking the point. John managed our only win as Andy played down to a lone king and certain death.

19 NovHeathcote Arms 3vRed Admiral 2
2 - 3
1B140The Grinder1 - 0Carter, Andy105
2W107Not so big boss1 - 0**DEFAULT**?
3B92Raymondov0 - 1Slater, Mick91
4W80Urquhart, Graham0 - 1Parsons, Stan94
5B65Harbidge, Drew0 - 1Cunnold, Ben60

A win for HA1 away at Melton 2:

20 NovMelton Mowbray 2vHeathcote Arms 1
1½ - 3½
1B148Mitchell, Rob0 - 1Sharpe, Graham178
2W146Jex, Alan1 - 0Peter the President156
3B146Cope, Shaun½ - ½Booley, Graham153
4W145Knight, Christopher0 - 1Mad Mike141
5B?**DEFAULT**0 - 1The Grinder140

This week, HA3 plays away at Braunstone on Tuesday, and HA2 plays away at Latimer on Thursday.

Next weekend is the highlight of the Leicestershire Chess Calendar. Please follow the link:


New World Champion

Magnus Carlsen has defeated Vishy Anand to become the new World Chess Champion at age 22. The match was scheduled for 12 games, but only 10 were necessary. After 6 draws and 3 wins, Carlsen got the draw he needed today to win the match by 6.5/3.5.

For anyone who isn't aware, Carlsen became a GM at age 13, and is the highest rated player of all time at 2870 FIDE. ( This converts to around 280 ECF!).


Tuesday 19 November 2013

Wigston 6 Vs HA3

A draw away at Wigston. Drew scored a win on board 4, John mated his opponent whilst he was away from the board, I lost on board 2, and Graham U lost out against a pawn rush.

14 NovWigston 6vHeathcote Arms 3
2 - 2
1B111Winterton, Paul0 - 1Manger, John140
2W109Hammond, Grant1 - 0Ross, Colin107
3B109Hulford, Frank1 - 0Urquhart, Graham80
4W69Dean, Simon0 - 1Harbidge, Drew65

Here is my loss:

Well done everyone,