Monday 27 May 2013

Summer Cups and County Championships

This week, we were pretty busy with the first round of the summer cups:

Chapman Cup

We took an absolute pasting from a stronger Wigston side.

21 MayHeathcote Arms 2vWigston 1GD
0 - 4111
Handicap1½ - 0
1½ - 4
1W139The Grinder0 - 1Cohen, Gerry17334
2B117Not as big boss0 - 1Eastlake, Charles1258
3W67Drew the younger0 - 1Winterton, Paul10639
4B50Golf Man0 - 1Poulacheris, Darren8030

Horrid Cup

A more respectable loss.

23 MayHinckley 1W - BB - WHeathcote Arms 1
5 - 3
1130Phillips, Howard0 - 1½ - ½Mad Mike146
2128Rayner, John½ - ½0 - 1The Grinder143
3123Smith, Jason1 - 01 - 0Raymondov99
4116Rist, T1 - 01 - 0Golf Man50

In the next round, we play at home to Wigston 1 before 21st June.

Wylie Cup

A win! HA1 often wins the Wylie outright. Could they do it again?

23 MayWigston 2W - BB - WHeathcote Arms 1
2½ - 5½
1173Horspool, Philip0 - 10 - 1Sharpe, Graham185
2156Dodds, Iain0 - 1½ - ½Ganger, Rajan178
3146Wylie, Stephen½ - ½0 - 1Bray, Dave167
4137Vaja, Ricky½ - ½1 - 0Harrison, Peter151

In the next round, we play at home to Willowbrook before 21st June.

County Championship News

Minor - Thursday 30th May 2013

This Thursday, I play black against Andy Carter; Golf Man plays white against Paul Findley; and Ray plays white against N Chalashkanov.


The second round has not yet been drawn.

Challengers - Thursday 30th May 2013

The Grinder plays black against Andy Pike.

The Open

The second round has not yet been drawn.

Club Night

A club night is unlikely this week owing to the County Championship games at Wigston on Thursday.

Eastlake Vs Ross

Oh dear...

Afterwards, I was asked why I played 34...h5 rather than taking the knight on d2 (which appears to be en pris). Ok, I could have resigned already and h5 was rubbish, but 35 Rxc4+ Kd5 (or Kd6, or Kd7) 36 Rd4+ and then 37 Rxd2 Game Over.

Eastlake Vs Ross after 34 Rg4

Well done everyone,


Friday 17 May 2013

Drew Wins Junior Championship, Next Week's Matches, and CCs Minor Ross Vs Slater.

Leicestershire Junior Championships

Congratulations to Drew on winning the Under 13s Section.

Chapman Cup.

HA2 (We only have one team, but we asked to be known as HA2) will be playing at home to Wigston on Tuesday 21st.

Harrod Cup.

We play away at Hinckley on Thursday 23rd.

Wylie Cup.

We play away at Wigston 2 on Thursday 23rd.

Ross Vs Slater

Here is the game that Mick and I played at Wigston last night. This had been postponed from two weeks ago. Wigston were holding their AGM upstairs, but they kindly allowed us to use the bar:

Well done Drew,


Tuesday 14 May 2013

Final League Standings, and County Championship.

HA1 will be relegated to Division 2 following its final league match loss to Shepshed 2.

07 MayHeathcote Arms 1vShepshed 2
2 - 3
1B196Sharpe, Graham0 - 1Henfrey, Robert174
2W169Bray, Dave1 - 0Jimenez, Alfonso157
3B174Ganger, Rajan½ - ½McDermott, Patrick155
4W164Hewitt, Sean½ - ½Farrall, David157
5B151Harrison, Peter0 - 1Sheahan, Sean157

Our final standings are as follows:

Division 1

1Wigston 11312102725
2Shepshed 114752919
3Melton Mowbray 114626014
4Shepshed 214455-513
5Wigston 214446-212
6Braunstone 114518-111
7Heathcote Arms 114428-910
8Ashby 113229-196

HA2 finished mid table.

Division 3

1Syston 1149232220
2Willowbrook 2149141719
3Loughborough 214914819
4Ashby 314815-217
5Heathcote Arms 214617513
6Wigston 414527-1112
7Kirby Muxloe 114329-138
8Melton Mowbray 3142012-264

As usual, HA3 was stuck, like a postage stamp, to the bottom of Division 5 (although, we did have a few wins).

Division 5

1Wigston 51612222226
2Red Admiral 11612132225
3Braunstone 5169341421
4Syston 315735417
5Ashby 416538-1213
6Braunstone 616538-413
7Syston 4164210-1710
8Kirby Muxloe 315429-1310
9Heathcote Arms 3162311-167

County Champs

This year Graham S, Rajan, and Graham B are competing in the Open Section, The Grinder is competing in the Challengers and the Major. Raymondov and I are both competing in the Major and Minor, and, I think, Golf Man is joining the Minor late.

The Minor results from the previous week have not been published yet (perhaps because I have not yet played my game against Mick Slater), but I understand that Ray drew against Paul Findley.

This week, I was drawn (with the black pieces) against The Grinder - with predictable results:

On the same evening, Graham S played with the white bits against Rajan. I am told that Rajan won.

One of the last games going, was Mike Salisbury Vs Paul Deacon. R & K Vs R,K & P. There was a long struggle, but Paul was eventually able to convert the point.

No matches this week - maybe a few casual games at the Heathcote tonight, although Ray is otherwise engaged, and I probably will not be able to get there.

Well done everyone,

Four stone smaller and almost ready to run a 5K Boss.

Sunday 5 May 2013

This week's news and a game from Gordon.

Tuesday 7th May 2013

HA1 plays its last remaining league match of the season, on Tuesday, in what will probably be a relegation play off against Shepshed 2.

County Championship Competition

Two of the four sections began in Wigston last Thursday and the remaining two sections begin this coming Thursday.

Gordon's Game

Gordon has sent in one of his internet games from Gameknot and asks for constructive criticism of his play:

Good Luck to our first team,