Friday, 17 May 2013

Drew Wins Junior Championship, Next Week's Matches, and CCs Minor Ross Vs Slater.

Leicestershire Junior Championships

Congratulations to Drew on winning the Under 13s Section.

Chapman Cup.

HA2 (We only have one team, but we asked to be known as HA2) will be playing at home to Wigston on Tuesday 21st.

Harrod Cup.

We play away at Hinckley on Thursday 23rd.

Wylie Cup.

We play away at Wigston 2 on Thursday 23rd.

Ross Vs Slater

Here is the game that Mick and I played at Wigston last night. This had been postponed from two weeks ago. Wigston were holding their AGM upstairs, but they kindly allowed us to use the bar:

Well done Drew,


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