Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Final League Standings, and County Championship.

HA1 will be relegated to Division 2 following its final league match loss to Shepshed 2.

07 MayHeathcote Arms 1vShepshed 2
2 - 3
1B196Sharpe, Graham0 - 1Henfrey, Robert174
2W169Bray, Dave1 - 0Jimenez, Alfonso157
3B174Ganger, Rajan½ - ½McDermott, Patrick155
4W164Hewitt, Sean½ - ½Farrall, David157
5B151Harrison, Peter0 - 1Sheahan, Sean157

Our final standings are as follows:

Division 1

1Wigston 11312102725
2Shepshed 114752919
3Melton Mowbray 114626014
4Shepshed 214455-513
5Wigston 214446-212
6Braunstone 114518-111
7Heathcote Arms 114428-910
8Ashby 113229-196

HA2 finished mid table.

Division 3

1Syston 1149232220
2Willowbrook 2149141719
3Loughborough 214914819
4Ashby 314815-217
5Heathcote Arms 214617513
6Wigston 414527-1112
7Kirby Muxloe 114329-138
8Melton Mowbray 3142012-264

As usual, HA3 was stuck, like a postage stamp, to the bottom of Division 5 (although, we did have a few wins).

Division 5

1Wigston 51612222226
2Red Admiral 11612132225
3Braunstone 5169341421
4Syston 315735417
5Ashby 416538-1213
6Braunstone 616538-413
7Syston 4164210-1710
8Kirby Muxloe 315429-1310
9Heathcote Arms 3162311-167

County Champs

This year Graham S, Rajan, and Graham B are competing in the Open Section, The Grinder is competing in the Challengers and the Major. Raymondov and I are both competing in the Major and Minor, and, I think, Golf Man is joining the Minor late.

The Minor results from the previous week have not been published yet (perhaps because I have not yet played my game against Mick Slater), but I understand that Ray drew against Paul Findley.

This week, I was drawn (with the black pieces) against The Grinder - with predictable results:

On the same evening, Graham S played with the white bits against Rajan. I am told that Rajan won.

One of the last games going, was Mike Salisbury Vs Paul Deacon. R & K Vs R,K & P. There was a long struggle, but Paul was eventually able to convert the point.

No matches this week - maybe a few casual games at the Heathcote tonight, although Ray is otherwise engaged, and I probably will not be able to get there.

Well done everyone,

Four stone smaller and almost ready to run a 5K Boss.

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