Saturday 25 July 2009

Heathcote Arms Collapse in 3rd Round of the Harrod

On Wednesday we travelled to Loughborough. We were outgraded on every board - by 30 points in Dave's case. In the first round, Dick drew despite having looked better in a king and pawn endgame, i also drew in a deadlocked position, and Dave and Herve were both beaten.

The second round was disasterous with us all losing (and we couldn't even blame the Polish Lager). Herve's game was closer than in the first (Yuki Okuda clearly being stronger than his nominal 80 grading), Dick lost having missed a winning sacrifice on h7, Dave was outplayed and i lost on time despite being a bishop up.

The results were:

Loughborough Vs Heathcote Arms
Peter Hickman (139) 0.5/1 - 0.5/0 Dick Salter (129)
Barnabas Osigho (125) 1/1 - 0/0 Dave Ricketts (95)
Michael Fraser (100) 0.5/1 - 0.5/0 Colin Ross (93)
Yuki Okuda (80) 1/1 - 0/0 Herve Tribouilloy (60)

Score 7 -1

Commiserations everyone.