Saturday 31 August 2013

CCs Major (5) Ross Vs Beach

On Tuesday, Ray and I played our fifth round major tie at the Arms. Ray had been playing at the e2e4 Coventry Congress for most of the weekend - see previous blog.

The Grand Prix Attack was popularised by Mark Hebden and a few others who won a lot of games very quickly with it in the 1980s. Gawain Jones has written a nice book on it and has also produced a DVD ROM with Simon Williams' Ginger GM Series - both really good. I learned to play this from AWOL Hacker and have been able to surprise a few 130 and 140 players with it.

White plays an early f4 and develops rapidly on the kingside before pushing the pawn to f5. If Black accepts the pawn, this opens up a file and white has a space advantage. White then attempts an early attack on the castled black king.

Here, Fritz gives 10. Ng5 as a ?? preferring 10. d3 d5, 11. exd5 Nxf3 12. Rxf3 Bxc3 13. bxc3 Nxd5 14. Qh6 with an advantage for white.

Gordon, Drew, and new Graham were also in the skittle alley for some friendlies.

Next Tuesday, there will some friendlies at the Arms, and on the 10th we have an away Harrod Match against Syston 1.


Friday 23 August 2013

Horrid Cup / CCs

The AGM minutes will be out soon. Annual subs are due now and unchanged from last year: £27-50 Basic Adult membership to include Bronze ECF membership, £6 more for Silver etc etc.

Our Harrod Cup team should have been at home on Tuesday, but there was some confusion over the dates and Loughborough did not arrive. We could have rearranged the match, but we were holding up the draw for the next round. Loughborough has defaulted.

We had a new player show on Tuesday; Graham (this will be our 4th Graham) is rusty, but can play.

On Thursday, it was the Minor and Challengers Sections of the County Champs at Wigston.

In the Minor, Ray and Gordon played each other with Ray winning. I beat Stan.
I left before the end of John's game against Andrew Reeves, but John was a pawn up with the black pieces.

Here is my game against Stan. 14...Re8 would have been better:

Next Tuesday, Ray and i play our Major game at the Heathcote.

Well Done Everyone,



The Grinder adds:

My game against Andrew Reeves (158) was going my way until late on. I had won his h-pawn in the middle game with some tactics, but I knew it was a bit double edged.

We were both low on time in the rooks and pawns ending, although I had a bit more. Although I ended up with two unconnected passed pawns, I had difficulties due to one of my rooks being badly placed. I was unable to prevent him doubling rooks on my 7th rank and forcing a draw by perpetual check.


Ray is spending the bank holiday weekend at the e2e4 Coventry Congress. Follow his progress at:

Friday 2 August 2013


Our, somewhat belated, AGM will be held on Tuesday 13th August at the Heathcote Arms.


July Grades

Ref NameSexAgeClubStandardPreviousRapidplayPrevious
263015BBeach, RayMBlaby District aka Heathcote Arms92A101A95D99D
106989FBooley, Graham MMBlaby District aka Heathcote Arms153X151A139C139C
107208ABray, Dave JMBlaby District aka Heathcote Arms176C167C165E
282104HBubb, Michael AM17Blaby District aka Heathcote Arms40E38C
108975ECowley, Michael HMBlaby District aka Heathcote Arms141B144B146C146C
263024CEnsor, RobMBlaby District aka Heathcote Arms135B140B147D
161682BGanger, RajanMRushden183X179A187D191E
288540CGanger, SajanMRushden128X136D
291278JHarbidge, DrewM13Blaby District aka Heathcote Arms65D67E89E
112216CHarrison, Peter KMBlaby District aka Heathcote Arms156B152B147D151D
112575JHewitt, Sean DMMarple166X151A159D
250159EManger, John DMBlaby District aka Heathcote Arms140X139X140D143D
288615HMilner, GordonMBlaby District aka Heathcote Arms49B50D
263017FRicketts, Dave CMBlaby District aka Heathcote Arms78B83A103E103D
272934KRoss, ColinMBlaby District aka Heathcote Arms107A117A89D89D
283533CSanders, GaryMBlaby District aka Heathcote Arms37E37D
118781JSharpe, Graham JMBlaby District aka Heathcote Arms178B184B188D185D

Heathcote Arms exit from Birstall Cup

Syston had the slightly stronger team - with 24 grading points difference - but not enough difference to give us a handicap bonus.

Mike Cowley scored an early win. Ray then went on to lose. I had been doing fine, but, in my usual time trouble, managed to implode at around move 52. We were not playing with Fischer incremental times and Bob Wallace was down to one second remaining on the clock. The rest of us crowded around the one remaining table and telepathically willed John to make any move whatsoever. This did not work, however, as John's remaining minute and a half counted down to zero.

John was not at all happy afterwards and said that this was the most stupid thing that he had ever done. I pointed out that this was nothing like as stupid as AWOL Hacker resigning in a won position against Mick Garland (October 2012 - see past blogs), but this did  not seem to cheer him up any.

30 JulHeathcote Arms 2vSyston 1GD
1 - 327
Handicap0 - 0
1 - 3
1W144Mad Mike1 - 0Pourmozafari, Ben1473
2B139The Grinder0 - 1Wallace, Robert136-3
3W117Not so big boss0 - 1Suchak, Parin12710
4B101Raymondov0 - 1Stone, Robert11817

Here is my game against Parin Suchak:

Well done everyone,


Thursday 1 August 2013

County Champs 4th Round (Minor and Challengers Sections).


In the Minor, Ray had a bye. I was paired with Gordon.

Also in the Minor, there was an upset on board 1, with Nick Chalashkanov beating the previously undefeated Mr McKiernan. Also Paul Martin, looked sure to beat Stan, but left himself vulnerable to some mischief from Stan's queen.


In the Challengers, The Grinder had the white bits against Steve Wylie - things went down to an endgame with Steve coming out on top.

Chess Set Raffle

At the end of the evening, Andy Morley pulled out the winning ticket. The set of Lewis Chessmen with wooden board was won by Paul Martin of Braunstone Chess Club. John's efforts have succeeded in raising over £100 towards club funds.

Well done everyone,


Harrod Cup Third Round

I am a bit behind with updating the site. I hope to put this right over the next day or two.

On the 16th, I had food poisoning, so Ray stepped in as Captain.

A 4.5 to 3.5 point win gave us our first win, this year, in the Horrid Cup.
16 JulSyston 2W - BB - WHeathcote Arms 1
3½ - 4½
195Martin, Maurice0 - 10 - 1Manger, John143
288Mundy, Rob1 - 00 - 1Beach, Ray99
383Adams, Mick1 - 0½ - ½Harbidge, Drew67
465Morelli, Nando0 - 11 - 0Milner, Gordon50

Well done everyone,