Friday, 23 August 2013

Horrid Cup / CCs

The AGM minutes will be out soon. Annual subs are due now and unchanged from last year: £27-50 Basic Adult membership to include Bronze ECF membership, £6 more for Silver etc etc.

Our Harrod Cup team should have been at home on Tuesday, but there was some confusion over the dates and Loughborough did not arrive. We could have rearranged the match, but we were holding up the draw for the next round. Loughborough has defaulted.

We had a new player show on Tuesday; Graham (this will be our 4th Graham) is rusty, but can play.

On Thursday, it was the Minor and Challengers Sections of the County Champs at Wigston.

In the Minor, Ray and Gordon played each other with Ray winning. I beat Stan.
I left before the end of John's game against Andrew Reeves, but John was a pawn up with the black pieces.

Here is my game against Stan. 14...Re8 would have been better:

Next Tuesday, Ray and i play our Major game at the Heathcote.

Well Done Everyone,



The Grinder adds:

My game against Andrew Reeves (158) was going my way until late on. I had won his h-pawn in the middle game with some tactics, but I knew it was a bit double edged.

We were both low on time in the rooks and pawns ending, although I had a bit more. Although I ended up with two unconnected passed pawns, I had difficulties due to one of my rooks being badly placed. I was unable to prevent him doubling rooks on my 7th rank and forcing a draw by perpetual check.


Ray is spending the bank holiday weekend at the e2e4 Coventry Congress. Follow his progress at:

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