Friday, 2 August 2013

Heathcote Arms exit from Birstall Cup

Syston had the slightly stronger team - with 24 grading points difference - but not enough difference to give us a handicap bonus.

Mike Cowley scored an early win. Ray then went on to lose. I had been doing fine, but, in my usual time trouble, managed to implode at around move 52. We were not playing with Fischer incremental times and Bob Wallace was down to one second remaining on the clock. The rest of us crowded around the one remaining table and telepathically willed John to make any move whatsoever. This did not work, however, as John's remaining minute and a half counted down to zero.

John was not at all happy afterwards and said that this was the most stupid thing that he had ever done. I pointed out that this was nothing like as stupid as AWOL Hacker resigning in a won position against Mick Garland (October 2012 - see past blogs), but this did  not seem to cheer him up any.

30 JulHeathcote Arms 2vSyston 1GD
1 - 327
Handicap0 - 0
1 - 3
1W144Mad Mike1 - 0Pourmozafari, Ben1473
2B139The Grinder0 - 1Wallace, Robert136-3
3W117Not so big boss0 - 1Suchak, Parin12710
4B101Raymondov0 - 1Stone, Robert11817

Here is my game against Parin Suchak:

Well done everyone,


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