Thursday, 1 August 2013

County Champs 4th Round (Minor and Challengers Sections).


In the Minor, Ray had a bye. I was paired with Gordon.

Also in the Minor, there was an upset on board 1, with Nick Chalashkanov beating the previously undefeated Mr McKiernan. Also Paul Martin, looked sure to beat Stan, but left himself vulnerable to some mischief from Stan's queen.


In the Challengers, The Grinder had the white bits against Steve Wylie - things went down to an endgame with Steve coming out on top.

Chess Set Raffle

At the end of the evening, Andy Morley pulled out the winning ticket. The set of Lewis Chessmen with wooden board was won by Paul Martin of Braunstone Chess Club. John's efforts have succeeded in raising over £100 towards club funds.

Well done everyone,


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