Friday 9 June 2017

CCs Minor (Round 2) Bill Vs Colin

In Round 2 of the Minor, Bill and I were drawn against each other. I am not around next week, so we played our game early. I was up against it in the middle-game, but hung on. After white's 23rd move, we were equal on material and Bill offered me a draw, but by then I felt I had the edge and was able to convert the point.

Afterwards, we watched the exciting 0 - 1 conclusion of Graham Sharpe Vs Shabir Okhai in the Open. Graham B was around too, playing Sherif Gonem, but I did not get to see any of that game.

Next Thursday, in the Minor, Ray plays Andy Carter and Gordon plays Paul Martin and John is down to play Jez Wells in the Challengers. 

Good luck everyone.