Sunday 21 May 2017

Two of Colin's Recent Games

The first below, was my final league game of the season. Kirby Muxloe 3 Vs HA3. I am afraid that I mis-recorded a few moves and even with the aid of opponent's score sheet, I could not quite make sense of the ending. I have entered all the moves that I am certain of here.  What I can say is that I did have the upper hand with around 10 minutes left on the clock, and my opponent with 27 seconds, when I made an illegal move at around move 60. We put the clock back 2 minutes, and then my position disintegrated.

04 MayKirby Muxloe 3vHeathcote Arms 3
1B105Kruitbosch, Gijs10Ross, Colin96
2W107Hill, Eddie10Beach, Ray81
3B59Bowles, Les01Maconnachie, Richard93
4W50Apgarth, Osian10Roberts, Bill76
5B17Gonzaga, Edda10Milner, Gordon38

We finished the season in second place.

1Ashby 41610332123
2Heathcote Arms 316934921
3Melton Mowbray 416754519
4Braunstone 516835217*
5Ashby 516646416
6Red Admiral16466-313*
7Melton Mowbray 5166010-1412
8Kirby Muxloe 316439-1111

The County Championships have started. Ray and I know each others games very well and it is always difficult playing him.

Also in the Minor, Bill scored an impressive win against Andy Carter. Gordon had played well, but eventually lost to John McKiernan. 


Friday 12 May 2017

Hi would like to thank all the players  who played for the 3rd team  this season well done all of you 2nd was brilliant thanks ray

Monday 1 May 2017

A Couple of Colin's Recent Games

I have not been around much for a couple of weeks. My two most recent games. First a draw:

The next was a technical king and pawn draw, but I still managed to lose. My first loss in the league all season. See if you can spot what I should have done to save the half point.

With one match to play, HA3 look set for second place in Division 5

1Ashby 41510322323
2Heathcote Arms 3159331221
3Melton Mowbray 416754519
4Ashby 516646416
5Braunstone 515735015*
6Melton Mowbray 515609-1212
7Red Admiral15366-511*
8Kirby Muxloe 315339-149