Tuesday 22 December 2009

Division 5 at the Christmas Break

With seven out of fifteen league games played, a couple more wins in the new year should hopefully make it difficult to catch us. Melton, recently, however, have been scoring well.


Wednesday 16 December 2009

Chess Programme on BBC4

On Monday 21st December,at 10PM, BBC4 are broadcasting a programme called Timeshift: How to Win at Chess. This is how it is described:

Many people know the basic rules of chess, but few can play really well. This programme offers some essential tips on how to raise our game.

British grandmasters Dan King and Ray Keene go through a special demonstration game from opening gambit to checkmate, revealing the key moves that can lead to victory. They explain the opening, middle and end games, and how to outwit an opponent with techniques such as forks, pins and skewers.

Along the way the colourful and diverse world of British chess playing is celebrated, including speed chess and chess boxing, and useful advice is offered on how not to be humiliated by a child prodigy.

Also taking part are novelist Martin Amis, writer Dominic Lawson, Britain's youngest grandmaster David Howell and under-16 champion Sheila Dines.

Get those video recorders ready,


Wednesday 9 December 2009

Braunstone 4 (0.5 - 3.5) Heathcote Arms 2

A jolly good result, given that these chaps beat us in the first match of the season.
I won my first game in ages, Rob had no problems, Pete had a sharp game which simplified into a king and pawn endgame with his having seven pawns to his opponent's five. Dave was a piece down and his game looked to be over until a mistake allowed him to equalise.

Jeff Toon (108)0-1 Pete Harrison (140)
Paul Martin (97) 0-1 Rob Ensor (135)
Steve Barlow (96) 0-1 Colin Ross (112)
John Impey (90) Draw Dave Ricketts (104)
Braunstone (4) 0.5 - 3.5 Heathcote Arms (2)

There were no losses for HA2 for the second week running, and it looks as though we head into the Christmas break at the top of Division five. Heathcote Arms 1 also look to be at the top of Division 1.

Well done everyone.

The next match for HA2 is on Thursday 14th January away at Ashby and is a Junior League Cup match.

Club night on Tuesday 14th December.


Thursday 3 December 2009

No Major Screw Ups Against Hinckley

Heathcote Arms 2 were at home against Hinckley 2 on Tuesday. Three out of four of us outgraded our opponents. In a knife edge battle of the tortoises, Terry Clay and i agreed a draw shortly before the first time control - we each had two minutes left on the clock with five moves to make, in a complicated position. Rob then also agreed a draw on the top board. Despite multiple draw offers from his opponent, Ray "eye of the tiger" Beach forced his pieces through a board clogged with pawns causing the higher graded Douglas Opie enough trouble to lose on time. John had the advantage of a piece over Barry Bailey and, in a fast and furious finish, Barry's flag dropped.

Rob Ensor (135) Draw Gary Compton (117)
John Manger (134) 1-0 Barry Bailey (116)
Colin Ross (112) Draw Terry Clay (99)
Ray Beach (90) 1-0 Douglas Opie (104)
Heathcote Arms (2) 3 - 1 Hinckley (2)

Well done everyone, especially to Dave whose rather scary Haka seemed to do the trick.

Next Tuesday, we are away against Braunstone 4.