Friday 23 May 2008

Littlethorpe 2 Through to 2nd Round of Chapman Cup

Last night Littlethorpe 2 travelled to Hinckley for their first round match in the Chapman Cup. Overall, the two teams were approximately equal on gradings.

The results were:

D Moore (105) 0-1 Howard Phillips (119)
G Compton (101) 0-1 George Sim (100)
T Clay (83) 0-1 Colin Ross (70)
B Bailey (UG) 1-0 Ray Beach (68)

Score Hinckley 1 Littlethorpe 3
Terry Clay claimed to have lost through boredom.
After the match, Howard Phillips said 'Oh no. Now we are going to have to play a proper team'.
So, Wigston 1, bring it on!

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Club Quickplay

Last night saw the return of the popular club quickplay - 5 rounds where players had 15 minutes for all of their moves. The event was limited to club members, plus the odd invited guest which gave us a turn out of 24 players. New landlords Jim and Tina kindly provided some snacks to see the players through the evening. When the dust had settled, Walter Dehnen emerged victorious with 4½/5, with Littlethorpe players Brandon Clarke and Sean Hewitt tieing for 2nd place on 4/5. Full details, including grading performance, can be found here.

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Board Order Drama

There was drama last night at The Plough when, in an important relegation deciding match Braunstone had the audacity to list their players in order of strength!! After we had recovered from the shock and horror of such blatant tactics a close match ensued. In keeping with the fact that this was effectively winner takes all, there were no draws:-

board 1 Hewitt, Sean 1-0 Robinson, John
board 2 Clarke, Brandon 1-0 Salisbury, Mike
board 3 Bray, Dave 1-0 Bingham, Jim
board 4 Cowley, Mike 0-1 Colburn, Paul J
board 5 Harrison, Peter 0-1 Sandrovitch, David