Friday, 23 May 2008

Littlethorpe 2 Through to 2nd Round of Chapman Cup

Last night Littlethorpe 2 travelled to Hinckley for their first round match in the Chapman Cup. Overall, the two teams were approximately equal on gradings.

The results were:

D Moore (105) 0-1 Howard Phillips (119)
G Compton (101) 0-1 George Sim (100)
T Clay (83) 0-1 Colin Ross (70)
B Bailey (UG) 1-0 Ray Beach (68)

Score Hinckley 1 Littlethorpe 3
Terry Clay claimed to have lost through boredom.
After the match, Howard Phillips said 'Oh no. Now we are going to have to play a proper team'.
So, Wigston 1, bring it on!

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