Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Wylie Cup Victory

An extremely close, well contested match with Braunstone, in which neither side led by more than a point ended in victory for Littlethorpe when Steve Wylie won the final game of the match. It was 2-2 at half time after

Sharpe, Graham 1-0 Colburn, Paul
Hewitt, Sean 0-1 Bingham, Jim
Wylie, Steve 0-1 Hogan, Pat
Harrison, Peter 1-0 Sandrovitch, David

And the second half finished

Sharpe, Graham 0-1 Colburn, Paul
Hewitt, Sean 1-0 Bingham, Jim
Wylie, Steve 1-0 Hogan, Pat
Harrison, Peter Draw Sandrovitch, David

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