Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Shaky Start to Season for Heathcote Arms 2

For once we had the grade advantage. Fat lot of good it did us.
John dropped a piece early on. Ray drew. Dave lost and was rather angry with himself.
From a winning position, i managed to throw the advantage away, but my opponent agreed a draw about 5 seconds before my flag dropped.

Heathcote Arms (2) Vs Braunstone (4)
John Manger (134) 0 -1 Paul Martin (97)
Colin Ross (112) Drawn Steve Barlow (96)
Dave Ricketts (104) 0-1 Guy Closs (95)
Ray Beach (90) Drawn John Impey (90)
Score 1-3

Next match for HA2 is on Thursday 15th away against Hinckley.

Well done everyone.


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