Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Littlethorpe 5 Win First Match of Season.

Following last week's 3-1 defeat to Oadby, Littlethorpe 5, this evening, won their first match of the season, at home, against Ashby 4.

Dave won very quickly, Herve scored a well deserved win, the Captain blundered away his queen and the game from what had been a decent position, and Ray won his game convincingly giving us the match. It was all over before 21.30. Well done to everyone (except me, obviously).

We have now had, 1 win, 1 loss and 1 draw. The loss and the draw being to teams we were heavily outgraded by. Our next league match is away against Syston 3 on 11th November but before that we have our first league cup match on 4th November, also away at Syton.

Dave Ricketts (100) 1 - 0 Peter Page (110)
Colin Ross (100) 0 - 1 Neil Roberts (97)
Ray Beach (99) 1 - 0 Udo Rauch (82)
Herve Tribouilloy (62)1 - 0 Daniel Hickson-Tagg (80)

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