Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Nuneaton B ½-4½ Littlethorpe A

The team was carefully picked and selected, and travel arrangements made well in advance.  All this went up in smoke on Tuesday afternoon however when two players from other teams became unavailable, and we had to do some re-juggling of teams!  As it was, this meant that we travelled to Nuneaton with a stronger team that anticipated and, against the weakest side in the division, we were more than a match for them.  Dave Bray's opponent couldn't resist a piece sacrifice on h7 which was unsound, although Dave had to defend carefully.  Alan Byron seemed to pick up the wrong piece on move 1 when he played e4! but got a crushing kingside attack and was winning from an early stage.  The captain let the side down with a draw.  I sacrificed a pawn for position but my opponent was happy to take a draw by repitition and I wasnt going to play a worse move just to avoid it.  Dave Farrall and Alan Edwards both achieve material advantages and ground those advantages out for a point.
So 4 matches, 7 points.  A rest next week and then we play the three strongest teams University A, Nuneaton A and Coventry A in successive weeks.  Should be interesting!
Nuneaton B Littlethorpe A
1 D Kearney 0-1 Alan Byron
2 C. Van der Westhuizen 0-1 Alan Edwards
3 O. Cosham ½-½ Sean Hewitt
4 P. McConnell 0-1 Dave Bray
5 T. Rist 0-1 Dave Farrall

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