Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Littlethorpe A 3½-1½ University B

So, we playing University B, perennial strugglers in the Coventry League.  As it happens, we have a much stronger side than the one that we beat Rugby with two weeks ago so this is going to be a bit one sided insn't it?  Then University arrived.  First I saw Chris Russell (graded 180).  Then I saw Tom Pym's name on the score sheet (192).  I said to Steve Turvey (University player as well as Littlethorpe 4NCL regular) "I thought we were playing your B team!"  Thats when he explained that they had recruited some good new players this year so had decided to run with two strong sides in division 1 instead of a strong and a weaker side.  Good for the league certainly, tough for this match!
So, the game starts and despite Mike Salisbury playing there are no early finishes.  Its gone 9pm before the first result is in, a nice win for Alan Edwards.  Then Mike draws (although he doesnt count this as a draw - apparently it was his opponent that made the offer!).  Alan Byron is two pawns up in a nice position and converts the point - a good win against an improving youngster - leaving Brandon and Graham Sharpe playing.  Both games have plenty going on but end up as draws to give us a nice win against a team that will take points off of other teams.
Littlethorpe A University B
1 Alan Byron 1-0 Tom Pym
2 Graham Sharpe ½-½ Chris Russell
3 Alan Edwards 1-0 Mike Harris
4 Brandon Clarke ½-½ Alex Mapletoft
5 Mike Salisbury ½-½ Steve Turvey

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