Thursday, 9 February 2012

HA2 Draw at Home Against Market Harborough

Two draws on the top two boards were followed by a loss from the Grinder. This left things up to Raymondov. Ray had dropped a rook in the middlegame and things had been looking grim. As so often happens in Ray's games, however, he was able to pull a win out of the bag. A check with a pawn decoyed his opponent's king away from the defence of his rook, the rook dropped, and with a resumption of material parity, Ray's pieces were suddenly more active. Sliding his rook along the eighth rank closed a mating net around black's king. A very nice finish.

07 FebHeathcote Arms 2vMarket Harborough 1
2 - 2
1B149Harrison, Peter½ - ½Ilersic, Romilly155
2W128Ensor, Rob½ - ½Oppenheim, Charles147
3B119Manger, John0 - 1Thomson, John134
4W105Beach, Ray1 - 0Hatton, Paul127

We had a few friendlies too.

On Tuesday 14th, we all say goodbye to Rob Ensor. Rob joined us around three Atkins ago and is now moving to Nottingham with his fiancee. Rob will be giving a simultaneous display against everyone who shows up on Tuesday night. The dining room will be in use, so we will be in the skittle alley. Bring a warm coat.

Well done everyone,


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