Friday, 24 February 2012

HA1 Win in Major League Cup

A weaker than usual HA1 travelled to Willowbrook with a one point handicap head start. The first two results in were wins for Graham and Dave - settling the match in our favour. I had dropped a pawn in the middlegame and was slowly, but surely outplayed in the endgame as i attempted an unsuccesful save. John offered Paul Deacon a draw and this was accepted.

23 FebWillowbrook 1vHeathcote Arms 1GD
1½ - 2½-57
Handicap0 - 1
1½ - 3½
1B182Burgess, Ray0 - 1Sharpe, Graham181-1
2W157Pattinson, John0 - 1Bray, Dave17013
3B156Deacon, Paul½ - ½The Grinder119-37
4W150Tate, Michael1 - 0Ross, Colin118-32

With 4 rounds completed, HA1 is at the top of the table alongside Braunstone 1.

Next time, HA1 plays away against Braunstone 1 in round 5 of 6.

1Braunstone 1430166
2Heathcote Arms 1430146
3Loughborough 14202-34
4Willowbrook 14004-70

Towards the end of the evening, i received a text from Haka Dave. HA3 had won at Market Harborough in the Minor - a Tremendous result.

I will let Dave fill in the details.

An excellent evening for our club.

Next week - On Tuesday, HA3 play away against Syston 4. Syston would like to play 5 boards.
HA2 also play on Tuesday, but are at home against Wigston 4. On Thursday, HA1 play away against Wigston 3.

Well done everyone.


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