Sunday, 24 October 2010

Ray Beach - County Champion

On Thursday, the Minor section of the County Championships was decided. Guy Closs, Dennis Wilkins, and, our own, Ray Beach had all scored 4 points from the six rounds. On Thursday they were meeting, over the space of one evening, to sort out who would be Champion.

Ray Reports:

We all met at Wigston Chess Club. Dennis said he was not happy with quick play .
We all spun a coin and I was the odd one out. Guy and Dennis spun again Guy played white and lost to Dennis.
I then played Guy, with Guy having black, and I lost.
Dennis now just needed to beat me to become champion, but guess what, I won with black.
Result: we have all played 2 and won 1.
Down to the bar - Dennis says he does not want to play any more chess and withdraws. Guy and I decide to play a quick play - 10 minute game. Dennis spun the coin for us and I won the toss so chose to play white. Dennis stood and watched and I won the event of the evening, therefore making me the Minor County Champion.


Congratulations to Ray on this well deserved title. This marks the end of a phenomenal summer for the club and its members.

Chess this Week

This week has been set aside for League Cup matches. HA1 will be playing at home against Scraptoft Valley on Tuesday, and a merged HA2/HA3 side will be playing away at Spinney Hill on Thursday. The chances of a club night on Tuesday are fairly good.


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