Saturday, 30 October 2010

HA2/3 Win in First Round of Minor League Cup

On Thursday, we played our first round of the Minor League Cup away at Spinney Hill. We won the toss and opted to play white on the odd-numbered boards. Owing to the handicap system, we started with a one point advantage (because of some dodgy arithmetic, at the time, we thought this was one and a half points).

The first result was a loss for Michael against Alan Butler, this was followed by a victory for Ray against Rich Davis. Pete had looked strong for a long time against John Colver with connected queenside passed pawns provoking his opponent into some desparate tactics leading to a win for Pete. Much the same then happened on my board except that it was my opponent with the connected passed pawns and i was slowly, but surely losing. My beautiful, but fatally flawed, queen sacrifice failed to come off (although it did result in Mick looking fairly horrified for a moment). Including the bonus, the final score ended 3-2 to us.

28 Oct

Spinney Hill 2


Heathcote Arms 2

2 - 2-57
Handicap0 - 1
2 - 3
1B131Colver, John0 - 1Harrison, Peter1387
2W126Garland, Michael (snr)1 - 0Ross, Colin102-24
3B101Davis, Richard T0 - 1Beach, Ray90-11
4W89Butler, Alan1 - 0Bubb, Michael60-29

 Upcoming Matches:

HA1: Tuesday 2nd November at home against Braunstone 1.
Tuesday 9th November at home against Wigston 2.

HA2: Wednesday 10th November away against Melton Mowbray 3.

HA3: Tuesday 2nd November at home against Red Admiral 2.
Thursday 11th November away against Kirby Muxloe 2.

Well done everyone.


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