Monday, 4 October 2010

Prize Giving Evening / Ray, Rajan and Graham B Win The Atkins 2010

Prize Giving Evening

I was not there on Thursday, but i hear that there was a mix up with the presentation of the Cups. Whilst the winners of the Chapman and Harrod Cups were announced, i am told that, there was no mention of the Heathcote Arms winning the Wylie or the Birstall Cups and no mention of Rob becoming County Champion. Sean, apparently had to go up and retrieve the silverware manually. There was also some confusion about why we had received six Division 5 winners medals - i had asked for two extras so that all the HA2 squad would get one - we will still have to pay for these.

According to the LRCA website, there were 16 teams of 4 in the Charity Quickplay competition and £150 was raised for the Air Ambulance. I am sorry i missed the quickplay as this is a really fun event.

The Atkins

Ray probably doesn't realise it yet, but he has won a £15 grading prize for his performance in the Atkins.
Rajan played his socks off, in the Open, and took a £50 grading prize.
Best performance of all though was from Graham B who came joint first in the Major.

Scores for club players were: Rajan 3 (finishing 14th in the whole competition), Graham 4, Rob 1.5, Ray 2.5, Colin 2.5. From the Red Admiral: Andy and Amber C scored 2.5, and 2, respectively. Unsurprisingly, Mark Hebden won the Open with 5/5.

A tremendous finale to a great season for the club.

Tomorrow night, we start again.

Well done everyone,


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Sean Hewitt said...

And even better, I'll be dishing out the dosh to the winners at The Heathcote tomorrow night!