Saturday, 2 February 2013

HA3 Vs Braunstone 5; Syston 1 Vs HA2

HA3 Vs Braunstone 5

Graham H had a blow out on the way to Croft and by the sounds of it had a narrow escape . Graham tried to contact me, but I did not pick up the message in time. We therefore defaulted the first board.
Judging by the January grades, the Braunstone 5 team was a strong one, but Ray managed a draw.

29 JanHeathcote Arms 3vBraunstone 5
½ - 3½
1B?**DEFAULT**0 - 1Reid, Patrick102
2W91Beach, Ray½ - ½Read, Barry105
3B60Harbidge, Drew0 - 1Martin, Paul106
4W40Sanders, Gary0 - 1Reid, Connor85

Syston 1 Vs HA2

Over at Syston, the home team appeared to be in no hurry to begin. We started the clocks though at ten to eight. John was dominating his game, but then fell foul of a perpetual. Pete had been an hour or so behind on time and lost out to his 'Dad'. Graham B had looked good against Brian Galligan, but ended up down on material. I played the black side of a Nimzo-Indian against Parin Suchak and lost - a game that i need to go back and look at.

29 JanSyston 1vHeathcote Arms 2
3½ - ½
1B181Galligan, Brian1 - 0Booley, Graham152
2W139Pourmozafari, Ben1 - 0Harrison, Peter151
3B113Stone, Robert½ - ½Manger, John131
4W119Suchak, Parin1 - 0Ross, Colin119

My game below:

This coming week:

Braunstone 6 Vs HA3, Tuesday 5th February
Wigston 2 Vs HA1, Thursday 7th February.

Well done everyone,


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