Thursday, 22 March 2012

HA3 Lose in the Last Round of the Minor.

A one point handicap start for us owing to grading difference. Gary, and then Gordon, lost fairly early. Raymondov had two knights against a rook and bishop, but looked like he might pull off a draw. Not quite though.

Haka Dave was last man standing. At this point, i mistakenly told him that the score was 2-2, when, in fact, Syston already had three points and therefore the match. Anyway, the news that he had to avoid losing - even if this had been built on a false prospectus, seemed to increase Dave's motivation. He simplified into a king and pawn endgame swapping off the last pair of rooks whilst giving him the opposition. It was then a matter of marching king and pawns up the board with only one or two of the moves being dodgy.

20 MarHeathcote Arms 3vSyston 1GD
1 - 352
Handicap1 - 0
2 - 3
1B105Beach, Ray0 - 1Hollingworth, Stuart101-4
2W93Ricketts, Dave1 - 0Mitton, Judith963
3B60Milner, Gordon0 - 1Martin, Maurice9333
4W50Sanders, Gary0 - 1Mundy, Rob7020

HA1 were playing at Braunstone on Tuesday, too.

Next Tuesday, 27th March, HA1 play at home to Loughborough 2, and HA3 play at home to Kirby 2.
On Thursday, 29th, HA2 play away at Market Harborough.

Well done everyone.


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