Wednesday, 14 March 2012

HA1 & HA3 Both Play at Home.

Graham B Reports:

I was too engrossed in trying to prevent my own loss to comment on the other games, but it seemed a straight forward win.
Graham B
13 MarHeathcote Arms 1vWigston 3
3½ - 1½
1B181Sharpe, Graham1 - 0Wylie, Stephen150
2W173Ganger, Rajan½ - ½Reeves, Andrew146
3B170Bray, Dave1 - 0Harlow, Phil141
4W159Cowley, Michael1 - 0Daniel, John129
5B147Booley, Graham0 - 1Eastlake, Charles124
Colin Reports:
I think i was the first to finish - and managed a win. Gary, Gordon, and Michael then followed with losses. John then won his game. It was down to Drew to win his game and draw the match. He looked good, too, with a Queen, Knight, and Four Pawns against a Queen and four pawns. Both players had passed pawns - Drew's in the Centre - Brian's on the Kingside.
At this point, Drew brought his rook forward on the Queen side in order to take out the last remaining black pawn on that side. Having done this, he realised that black now had a passed pawn on the sixth rank and he could not get his rook back in time. oops.
On the postive side, Drew outplayed his opponent for a couple of hours leading up to this, and more wins are bound to follow soon.
13 MarHeathcote Arms 3vAshby 4
2 - 4
1B119Manger, John1 - 0Williams, Richard105
2W118Ross, Colin1 - 0Page, Peter80
3B60Milner, Gordon0 - 1Roberts, Neil80
4W50Sanders, Gary0 - 1Holmes, Stephen80
5B36Bubb, Michael0 - 1Holmes, David80
6W40Bubb, Andrew0 - 1Nicholson, Brian55
Well done everyone.
On Tuesday 20th March, HA1 and HA3 both play Cup Matches.
HA1 play away at Braunstone. HA1 then still have a sixth round to play next month and are in with a shout.
HA3 play at home to Syston in the last round of the Minor. Lifting the silverware is still mathematically possible (we can still reach 8 matchpoints), but unlikely given the high goal differences of Braunstone 2 and Melton 1.
A decent clubnight on Tuesday is likely, too.

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