Friday, 20 January 2012

Willowbrook 2 Vs Heathcote Arms 1

Graham B Reports:
Never take anything for granted. Although we out graded the opposition by between 30 and 50 points on each board, Dave and Mike decided to make hard work of it.

Raj and I won quite quickly (my opponent gave me his queen after 9 moves) but Dave gave a pawn away for nothing, managed to win it back but in doing so everything came off and he was left with an equal king and pawn ending.

Mike fluked a draw by repetition because his opponent didn't realize he was winning and seemed happy to take a draw against a higher grade.

The only interesting game was Graham S which went down to the last few seconds. It all looked very blockaded with 6 pawns each, 2 rooks and opposite colored Bishops, but a slight positional error by his opponent allowed Graham to get his bishop behind enemy lines and win a pawn, and push on for the win.   

A better start to the new year than last season.

Graham B

19 JanWillowbrook 2vHeathcote Arms 1
1 - 4
1B150Hart, Gavin0 - 1Sharpe, Graham181
2W135Pratt, Dave0 - 1Ganger, Rajan173
3B130Collins, RF (Bob)½ - ½Bray, Dave170
4W128Busby, Michael½ - ½Cowley, Michael159
5B94Adams, Mick0 - 1Booley, Graham147

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