Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Minor League Cup Team Lose on Handicap

Fairly evenly matched sides, in the third round of the Minor League Cup, meant only a half point handicap difference - in favour of Braunstone. This proved to be enough to swing things Braunstone's way though as we drew 2-2 over the boards. Dave lost first to Paul Martin, Ray then to Toby Hoch. I went a pawn up, then two, and my opponent resigned in the end game with a rook and knight against my rook, bishop and two pawns. Rob had a knight and six pawns against his opponent's bishop and five pawns and won on time with ten minutes to spare.

24 JanBraunstone 2vHeathcote Arms 3GD
2 - 216
Handicap½ - 0
2½ - 2
1W125Hall, Nick0 - 1Ensor, Rob1283
2B110Hill, Cyril0 - 1Ross, Colin1188
3W100Hoch, Toby1 - 0Raymondov1055
4B93Martin, Paul1 - 0Haka Dave930

Next Tuesday (31st January), HA1 play at home against Braunstone 2, and HA3 play at home against Syston 3.

Rob will be leaving us in about three weeks. He has agreed to play us all in a sim before he goes.

Well done everyone,


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