Friday, 16 December 2011

Loughborough 2 (1.5 - 3.5) HA1

Graham B Reports:

Rob and John came to the 1st team's rescue on Wednesday, when Graham and Raj couldn't make the match.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view), their opponents didn't put up much resistance and both won quite easily. John had managed to take both rooks off of their original squares by the 12th move!!

Dave survived a scare against Jim Miller, who launched an attack against h2 with Bishop and queen, which resulted in him being 2 pawns up. Thought he was only going to stay 1 pawn up and offered a draw which Dave accepted and then realized the move Jim had just made was a blunder - so a draw was probably a fair result.

Mike's game fizzled out to a draw when Mike realized he could take a draw to give us the match.

I didn't play the opening very well, but managed to nick a pawn somewhere and was a pawn up in a queen and pawn ending. Terry offered me a draw, which I turned down knowing I couldn't lose, but I let my time drift away and had to settle for the draw in a won position.

I put Dave, Mike and my poor opening play down to the fact we spent 15 mins driving round Loughborough trying to park!!

This puts us 2 points clear at the top of Div 2 going into the Christmas break. Let's hope that lightning doesn't strike twice. We were top of Div 1 at Christmas last year and never won another match!!

Merry Christmas everyone,

Graham B 

14 DecLoughborough 2vHeathcote Arms 1
1½ - 3½
1B157Miller, James½ - ½Bray, Dave170
2W130Hickman, Peter½ - ½Cowley, Michael159
3B122Adcock, Terry½ - ½Booley, Graham147
4W100Cragg, N0 - 1Ensor, Rob128
5B80Cragg, O0 - 1The Grinder119
 Division 2
1Heathcote Arms 176101513
2Braunstone 2641179
3Wigston 36231-27
4Ashby 1522136
5Ashby 27214-55
6Melton Mowbray 27214-65
7Willowbrook 25023-42
8Loughborough 25014-81

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