Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Syston 3 Vs HA3

We had arranged a couple of weeks ago to play five boards. I tried quite late in the day to get Syston to play six, but this was not to be. Result - Haka Dave stayed at home with his theory books.

Syson 3 is an experienced side. We had no casualties until well after 9PM (probably closer to 9.30PM). Everyone's openings looked good. Gary and Drew both played good chess, but were ground down over time by their more experienced opponents. Michael was even for a long time, but then lost a piece and eventually his game. Ray was all over his opponent from early on and took the whole point without too much trouble.

My own game ended in a draw, but Fritz reckons i missed the chance of a win in the opening. I was playing white.The game started with: 1) e4 e5 2) Nf3 d6 3) c3 c6 4) d4 Nd7 5) dxe5 dxe5 6)Bc4 h6 resulting in this position

At this point, i couldn't resist 7) Bxf7+ (Fritz gave this an exclamation mark and 'the final nail in the coffin')...Kxf7 8) Nxe5+ (another exclamation mark) Kf6 9) Ng4+?? ('ruins a clearly superior position').
The correct continuation was, in fact, Qd4 keeping the pressure on and which Fritz says 'secures the point'. After 9) Ng4+, my attack fizzled out, leaving me material down and lucky to crawl back to equality.

Scores on the doors were:

08 FebSyston 3vHeathcote Arms 3
3½ - 1½
1B100Martin, Maurice½ - ½Ross, Colin102
2W97King, Ron0 - 1Beach, Ray90
3B95Mitton, Judith1 - 0Sanders, Gary80
4W82Agger, Reg1 - 0Bubb, Andrew80
5B80Mundy, Rob1 - 0Bubb, Michael60

Next Tuesday we play five boards away at Braunstone. This time, it will probably be me reading the theory books.

Well done everybody,


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