Thursday, 3 February 2011

RA2 Vs HA3

Haka Dave Reports:

There seems to be a theme when I captain the Third Team, in that we score zero, nada, etc.  Unfortunately we lost 5-0 last night at the Red Admiral.  Having said that the sausage and chips were good...
I was playing Andy Carter on Board 1, and messed up the opening rather splendidly.  I mislaid a piece at about move 25, and was mated about ten moves later.  After my efforts so far in 2011, this was a disappointing performance.  Mick Slater eventually beat Ray on Board 2, after Ray won a bishop for a pawn very early on in the game.  However, he was unable to capitalise and Mick eventually had three passed pawns on his Queen's side, so however dogged Ray was (and he always is) the writing was on the wall.  Drew had the (dubious?) privilege of playing the junior member of the Carter clan - Amber.  He can be proud of his performance, but eventually Amber's class told.  Gary played another of the Red Admiral's youngsters Matt Brown.  Gary was the last to finish his game, and although the outcome wasn't in doubt for a period before this, Gary showed great fighting spirit, finding good moves and a sense of Ray-like doggedness in fighting on.   Michael tangled with Calvin and Calvin's experience told.  Michael needs to slow down when playing League Chess, and it isn't too late for him make a New Year's resolution to try and do that.

As already stated, our hosts put on Sausage, Beans and Chips for us.  A very nice gesture.  It was also good to see another Littlethorpe face, Richard Smith, who is playing for the Red Admiral this season after a couple of seasons sabbatical.

Andy Carter (111)- Dave (99) 1-0
Mick Slater (108) - Ray (90) 1-0
Amber Carter (94) - Drew (80) 1-0
Matt Brown (80) - Gary (80) 1-0
Calvin Burton (80) - Michael (60) 1-0


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