Sunday, 2 January 2011

January Fixtures

Happy New Year to all. This Tuesday sees HA2 playing at home against Braunstone 3. There will also be a club night too. Graham B points out that, besides an away Cup match, HA1 have 5 away League matches on the trot - so it might be a while before the rest of us see them again.

January's Fixtures in full go like this:

13th January away against Wigston 1 (League)
20th January away against Wigston 2 (League)
25th January away against Braunstone 1 (Major League Cup)

4th January at home against Braunstone 3 (League)
18th January at home against Ashby 3 (League)

11th January at home against Oadby 1 (League)

25th January at home against Wigston 1 (Minor League Cup)



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