Wednesday, 12 January 2011

HA3 Vs Oadby

Haka Dave Reports:

From the Scoresheet it was clear it was going to be a tough evening.  Bubbs Senior & Junior lost fairly quickly, and neither Ray nor I saw anything, and i didn't have the chance to ask about it as they had both left, so can pass no comment about their performance, although they were facing a big Grading difference.

I got to the time control a pawn down, but my position was a mess and I was under a lot of pressure.  Not long after that I went a piece down and was mated on Move 46, although it was forced from Move 38.  On Board 2 Ray looked like he was going to spring a surprise against Dave Pettitt, a face from Littlethorpe in "the good old days".  At the time control, Ray had seven minutes to Dave's one and a bit.  Ray had a massive attack against Dave's king-side, and won a rook back.  However, he then fell to a sucker punch (which was fairly simply blocked if the mate threat had been seen), and was mated quite neatly.  So near yet so far...  we didn't do a team Haka, so that is probably where we went wrong.

Brian & Gary were down to see what was what, so it was nice to have a bit of much-needed support.

Dave (99) - Don Canlin (136) 0-1
Ray (90) - Dave Pettitt (125) 0-1
Drew (80) - Mike Thornton (109) 0-1
Michael (60) - J. Gutteridge (72) 0-1



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