Wednesday, 24 April 2013

HA2 Vs Loughborough 2

My opponent left her king in the centre of the board - leaving me a target to aim at.

The other games all, more or less went the distance.

John's game was complicated and fell apart in the ending. I missed the end of Mike's game, but he had been a pawn up for most of it and had turned down a draw, but lost the game in the dying seconds.

Pete's game against Terry Adcock was a good one. Pete had been material up throughout, but Terry's pieces were more active and Terry had looked as though he would win despite being a bishop down in the closing stages. Pete was able to salvage a draw, however.

Ray and Gordon came down for a club night and Stan Parsons showed up to reclaim his butterfly.

Andy the landlord bought 8 tickets for John's Chess Set Raffle.

23 AprHeathcote Arms 2vLoughborough 2

1½ - 2½
1B151Peter the President½ - ½Adcock, Terry122
2W147Cowley, Michael0 - 1Gallant, Sam128
3B131The Grinder0 - 1Hickman, Peter113
4W119Not Quite As Big Boss1 - 0Kueppers, Christina80

Here is my game against Christina Kueppers:

Graham B tells me that:

'Heathcote 1 still have a rearranged match against Shepshed 2, to be played at The Heathcote on Tuesday 7th May. This will probably be a winner takes all relegation battle, winner stays in div 1 loser is relegated.'

Well done everyone,


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