Thursday, 1 November 2012

HA2 Vs Willowbrook 2

I offered Mick Tate a draw on move 30 thinking that i had a slight edge and he accepted. Later on, however, i checked with Fritz and the machine thought that the difference was two and a half pawns. Next, John lost out to Paul Deacon, and then Pete beat Gavin Hart to make it 1.5 points each.

The deciding game was Mike C Vs John Pattinson. Mike had queen and knight against John's two rooks and i think there were about three pawns each. Both were short on time, but Mike was shorter.
Both kings were in exposed positions, John's rooks were working well together, and Mike's job looked far from easy. Mike was eventually able to swap off his knight for one of John's rooks. John resigned a short while later when Mike had a few seconds left on the clock.

30 OctHeathcote Arms 2vWillowbrook 2
2½ - 1½
1B151Peter the President1 - 0Hart, Gavin152
2W147Cowley, Michael1 - 0Pattinson, John158
3B131The Grinder0 - 1Deacon, Paul158
4W119Big Boss½ - ½Tate, Michael142

Here is my game:

Well done everyone,


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