Wednesday, 7 November 2012

HA2 Vs Wigston 4

A clean sweep at home for HA2.

John scored an early victory. I then won. Mike won on time in a superior position when his opponent failed to make the first time control. Pete had been up against it and had a Bishop and four pawns against a Rook and four pawns, but then his opponent put his rook on the same diagonal as his king. Pete apologised as he placed his Bishop in between the two of them.

06 NovHeathcote Arms 2vWigston 4
4 - 0
1B151Peter the President1 - 0Smith, Stephen142
2W147Mad Mike1 - 0White, David122
3B131The Grinder1 - 0Eastlake, Charles120
4W119Big Boss1 - 0Winterton, Paul112

Here was my game:

HA3 play away at Ashby on Thursday.

Well done everyone,


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