Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Nottinghamshire Vs Leicestershire

The Grinder Reports;

County U140 match

I'm again playing in Cyril's U140 team this season. On Saturday the first match was played against Notts at Bramcote Memorial Hall, and it turned out to be quite exciting.

Outgraded on 14 of the 16 boards, we were expected to struggle. Notts took what looked like an unassailable lead early on, but were gradually pegged back.

My game, on board 4, was the last to finish. I had held a strong positional advantage from the opening. My opponent, Barry Redburn (136), had defended doggedly through to the endgame, and I'd been unable to make it count.

Cyril kindly informed me that the match was tied at seven and a half points each, as about thirty people gathered round the board.

I had turned down three draw offers during the game. Running short of time and trying to force the win, I made a mistake which handed the advantage to Barry. He ended up with an extra pawn in the bishop and pawn endgame.

I found a saver that forced him to give up his bishop for my advanced passed pawn, leaving me with a bishop and well positioned king against his two connected pawns, ensuring the draw. Whew!

Notts 8 - 8 Leics


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